Finding Your Path

Om Yoga teaches Power Vinyasa yoga.  Power Vinyasa yoga focuses on helping you to be present in your body during your practice, improving strength and flexibility, sustaining a flowing breath, choosing the right level of physical intensity, encouraging spiritual and emotional growth, and much more.  It is a wonderful experience - one you can enjoy on and off the mat.

Power Vinyasa  yoga for expanded students  is conducted in a room 85-90 degrees.  The class is excellent for fitness oriented students.

Anyone can participate in gentle Kripalu yoga. Not only will the class focus on a balanced sequence of postures but the sensations that arise as you breathe and move through your practice. You will leave class balanced and energized to resume your life.

Namaste friends.


Our studio is in the middle of the scenic Village of Spencerport.  We offer a variety of items on the retail side of Om Yoga such as yoga mats, yoga apparel, skidless towels, small sweat towels, head bands, essential oils and much more.

On the yoga studio side there is a changing room for your convenience, places to store your clothing, and room for approximately 18 students to practice yoga.

Our Facility

Gift certificates are available

131 South Union St

Spencerport, NY 14559


Om Yoga.